Bedford Hideaway

Tucked away in the Westchester County countryside is an eight-acre site encompassing a 1920s wood-sided house, a guest house, pool house and pool, and tennis court. The surrounding gardens received the holistic RBLA touch with new elements and improvements that make strong connections between the existing components of this family weekend place. The goal was to shape the cultivated landscape to appear as if it had always been there—albeit reimagined with clear sequencing of the spaces to accommodate gatherings as well as individual enjoyment.

Preserved and new stonework and specimen trees anchor the heritage sensibility, while additional plantings, an eighteenth-century stone trough fountain, and abundantly planted vintage pots reinforce the various garden rooms. The new front drive is graced in the springtime with glorious clusters of small daffodils. Poolside, ornamental trees, grasses, and perennials create a border while new lattice fencing encircles the pool garden with gates opening to the regraded main lawn. Stylish new outdoor furnishings were selected by RBLA to draw the family out into the garden. The land, refined hardscaping, and selective plantings work together in dynamic play, offering lush texture and pleasing structure to the property.