Heritage Respite

A circa 1930 Delano & Aldrich-designed house in Bronxville set the stage for a respectful renovation infused with contemporary touches. Working with Apparatus Architecture and Pimlico Interiors, RBLA focused on privacy, style, and elements to organize the landscape and complement the brick residence. The integrated design of the house and garden is beloved—and well used—by extended family members who meet together at this revered place. 

Three magnificent London Plane trees were preserved on the property to become key drivers for the entire masterplan. Likely planted at the time the house was built, these huge trees are now as iconic to the home as the pair of original bronze turkeys at the entry. Screens of specimen arborvitae and American hollies enclose the new pool and pool house and are a backdrop for flowering shrubs and perennials. Japanese maples and red leaved perennials are a nod to the soft red brick of the house. At one end of the pool terrace, water flows into the new spa from a custom bronze scupper while a stone firepit warms the seating area beneath the poolside pergola entwined with American wisteria. Grading and precise placement of the pool garden has created an intimate, multigenerational outdoor getaway.