The Garden Came First

This multi-generational family compound is the result of a decades-long relationship between RBLA and the owners. RBLA conceived of the big picture for an expansive lawn, guest house garage and pool on a contiguous parcel, and united the clients with architect Charles Hilton to realize the overall composition. The heart of this landscape is the original RBLA-designed garden, which influenced how the property expanded into a private courtyard arrangement. Here, a new guest house takes the place of an unremarkable house that was removed, and sits on axis with a dramatic outdoor fireplace across the pool. To complete the vision, RBLA collaborated with artisans to craft details such as the exterior lanterns, bronze fencings, gate, and railings. Intimate and commodious, the property exemplifies a landscape in harmony with its built elements.

At Home FC, A-List Award Finalist (Guest House Garden), Landscape: Less than 1 Acre, 2020
Hobi Award Winner, Best Outdoor Living Environment, 2013