Litchfield County Home

An historic, former turkey farm with bucolic views is the setting for an original Greek Revival farmhouse, supporting structures, and gardens. Derelict additions to the home were removed to reveal the fine architecture and RBLA devised a masterplan for the property that began with a completely new entry sequence. The reconfigured drive and arrival court are at a lower grade to heighten the experience of approaching the house. Retaining walls of reclaimed granite, split by steps leading to the front porch, create a plinth for the house and appear to have always been there. 

The project was not meant to be a restoration but a gracious acknowledgement of the historic nature of the place. The barn—with guesthouse above and garage below–terrace, and kitchen and cutting gardens are fully integrated and connect with the main house. At the rear, an existing pool remains but is now encircled by new fencing that draws the eye to the newly regraded land beyond. Huge drifts of meadow plantings, perennials and grasses enliven the landscape, as do the specimen trees that provide verticality amidst the broad horizon.