Hudson River Overlook

Completed in time for a September wedding, the transformation of the eight acres surrounding an existing 1930s brick estate house is recorded in especially effective before and after photography. At the front, a new drive and large entry court with stone walks complement the grandeur of the architecture, while the swoop of new brick walls closer to the house create front pocket gardens and a more intimate welcome to the house.

At the rear, breathtaking river views are maximized from the new terrace and fountain, which are set on axis with the front door and high above the steeply rolling lawn. A central stair descends the hillside, and a fire pit and seating are tucked into the lower yard offering a less formal destination from which to enjoy the river. While preserving extant trees, RBLA essentially deconstructed the property by regrading and inserting plant massings that direct views and create outdoor rooms. The formal structure of the house is now revealed and completes the composition of a dramatic and verdant scene.